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Emergency Visit
Emergency Visit

Emergency Dentistry

  • Call or Text us at 215-564-1025 to speak with us directly!
  • We offer communication in English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati , Arabic, Russian & Ukrainian
  • We accept same-day emergency appointments including Saturday & Sunday!
  • We offer tele-dentistry and in person appointments – same day.

A dental emergency may arise when you least expect it. It can be a gradual decay which suddenly becomes unbearable or it can be trauma caused by an accident. Either way, immediate care is the best decision to stop the problem from becoming a larger issue to manage or one that impacts your overall health.

We are able to address most situations immediately. Our highly skilled team of doctors (includes educators at University of Pennsylvania Dental School), are your best choice for virtually all emergency situations. From a previously diagnosed issue that you haven’t been able to address to sudden trauma resulting from an accident, our compassionate and capable doctors can help you now.

What is your pain and how we can help!

  • Pain caused by decay or injury
  • Extractions done by caring doctors committed to your comfort during all procedures
  • Emergency repair to any damaged teeth causing pain
  • Pain and infection management for any tooth causing discomfort and mild swelling
  • Restoration of lost and loose tooth fillings or crowns that is causing pain or inflammation
  • Medication for dental infections and pain management
  • We also offer beautifully aesthetic dentures in 24 hours or less

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